Salmon trolling on Lake Vänern with fishing guide Tommy Nerstrand

At last a gap in the wind ...!

Yesterday could finally offer the winds that does not destroy the experience and with some Strömstadbor in the boat and everything will be accomplished ...!

Morgan, Sigge and Per were the guests! Morgan, who I have known for over 45 years has been many times in the boat but Sigge and Per was a new experience with trolling in Vänern!

Per had to drill their first fish - a trout struck a djupriggspö with a bleak at 6 meters depth. Twirling and netting went well in wind lying on the cheese about 5-6 m / sec. Some gulls gossiped about chasing fish were nearby at the blow ...!

Then it became calmer. No gulls and it became disigare weather. At the end of the day we find a couple of new måsdyk and run through both the three and four times. Nothing happens. The day comes to an end and almost time to pick up stuff. - We run a fifth time past the area but now the gulls calmed down ... Then say SCREAMS in a roll on the roof! GRAB!!! Sigge trills and now he gets a match with a strong fish! Morgan and Per helps to "clear away" some ytspön as the fish moves out of hand ... We receive rods without the clutter and Sigge warbling quietly on. The fish ends up in the net and the good atmosphere in the boat !!! A kanonfin trout! When we pick up stuff so it will again stop at a ytspö and now trills Morgan but this time it was a pike on a few kilos!

Thanks for yesterday! Over & Out / Tommy Tel. 0708-807222

As with today's first trout!
Sigge with "final trout"!