Salmon trolling on Lake Vänern with fishing guide Tommy Nerstrand


Spring's second Salmon Fishing Weekend with Farstad & friends!

Here are some pictures from two days of salmon trolling! Booked into Frederick Hedstrom as boat number two with my Norwegian regulars. The first day was breezy and we were fishing when the lakes which, however, was quite hard fished ... We fooled however, approved fishing and some of the short salmon and trout and pike. Day two was better at Vänern with some lovely stab with roll howl ...!

Many thanks to Tom and the whole gang for two lovely salmon fishing days and to Frederick for the good work!

Over & out

Filmtajm! - Terje & the gang!

One spring day with dense fog we fished on classic vårfiskeplatser with Terje, Torstein, Martin and Terje.

After a few hours, things started to happen ...! Come along!

A successful day with an 8.1 kg salmon spiced day extra ...!

Over & out!

Evening fishing despite rain and windy weather!

Magnus with sons and Tobbe from Umeå shared boat during yesterday's successful fishing! Despite genuine "crappy weather" became very successful day with four colored fish and a short trout and pike!


Anton drew the day's first certified fish - a nice salmon!

Magnus with today's "fighting fish" a very strong trout who invited you to dance ...!


Jacob with fine trout that struck just after Magnus fish!


Tobbe went not in vain from Umeå! He trilled trout too!


Nice fish!


A "safe" captain brought the ship home ...!

Today's outstanding stab period came at 3 o'clock ...! Then succeeded rulltjuten each other in a row!

Thanks to Magnus (and Maria!) Anton, James, and Tobbe who flew down all the way from Umeå!

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Two "madcap" days fishing with Tom, Roar and Luc!

This weekend it was time for the regulars Tom Roar and Luc from Oslo!

We got a day at Dalsland's wilderness lakes and a day in Vänern. An unbeatable combination for an enjoyable overall experience! There was also a little "high-tech" with underwater cameras that we actually got several fish on! (Video coming!)

Dubbelhugg on ytspön = "action" in the boat!


Wild Trouts! Tom (pictured above) with a nice trout! Luc on the lower screen. Party Fish!


Four approved = flying colors!

Depth Rig Tuck - deep down ....! Luc drilled salmon!


A common tip the guide = Two nice vinare and a hefty stack of dollars ...!

As soon as time and opportunity available then a few clips from the weekend's fish!

A lot of good food, chocolate and snacks contributed enough to the guide went up a few kilos of weight ...! Many thanks for two great days.

Over & Out

The day began DOWN and finished up - with 5 approved fish!

We started the day by dropping three fish inexplicably but when we could rake the fish after the fourth hewn steps mood in the boat considerably! Then came the cut at regular intervals! All fish were salmon out of a trout. Extremely bait fish at the place we went fishing ....!

Tisen Thanks to Jon Halvor Rune and Glenn for a nice day!

Welcome to new fishing adventures with Dalslandfising!

Over & out!

Salmon in the morning but then it became quiet ...!

After yesterday's shambles, there was a clear optimism today!

In the morning "smockade it" in a ytspö and Martin drilled home a rowdy salmon! The salmon was strong and Martin trilled with bravura! "Håvmästaren" (I!) Did what I paid for: pocketed the salmon! But ... after this it was calmer on the rods. Not until the end of the day came a stab at djupriggspö which we unfortunately missed. Fine sunshine weather and a bit warmer on Lake Vänern today.


Martin with salmon!


Who said "banana board" brings bad luck .. ??!

Tomorrow is the new adventure on Lake Vänern.

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