Salmon trolling on Lake Vänern with fishing guide Tommy Nerstrand

Tommy Nerstrand

Spring premiere with salmon in the boat!

Claes and Erik from Vänersborg are with us for the last time. Erik teased a nice salmon and inaugurated the spring!

The weather is a bit better at the moment and I hope to be able to drive a few trips now. Sunny and calm spring winds! Claes also got to drill a trout that we had to return back to the lake.

We drive tomorrow too!

/ Tommy

Erik with the premiere salmon!

Merry Christmas to all our customers and friends!

All autumn bookings are now complete! The latest now on Friday with good fishing!

Today both guests kept their Christmas salmon as well as several feeding and a short salmon and pike.

Now we take the dinghy Constantly! Possibly we go any luck in the day or in the new year. Weather decide!

Over & out! / Tommy 0708-807222

Lovely DOUBLE CUT became today's big shot!

Three happy Norwegians in the boat today and the weather was better than the weather gods predicted ...!

First, Marius got a trout at 59 cm. A little later, we get a nice double fangs! Trond and Kaj fightar was his fish and both end up in the net! Salmon 5.6 kg and 4.7 kg trout!

Thanks for today! Tomorrow is a new tag!

Happy New Year!

I wrote the "season finale" in the last post but it was a turn of Vänern before New Year!

Starting from Sunnanå and fine a nice day on the lake. Unfortunately fog all day ... Dropped two big fishes but managed to fool a nice salmon of just 6 kg when I would finish the day. Only two deep rigging rods and then chop the salmon on a bleak caught 6 m deep! Nice finish!

Want to wish you all a happy new year of fishing and so visible, we in the new year!

Over & out! / Tommy

Lars-Gustav and Alex pulled up each trout for Christmas dinner!

The cold north wind, freezing temperatures and clear blue sky met us at the Vänern today.

Today, we never came right in the hunt for måsdyken how we tried! Our seductive bait fish attracted still two nice trout to bite! A lovely day with good mood on board and plenty of food. Thanks to Lars-Gustav and Alex!

Now wait a few days for the project The salmon in Vänern

Over & Out / Tommy

Today was the Undertones tour!

The day began optimistically with a double stab at two depths rigging rods are like two bows and rollers growls!

Both Tom and Tone stands each with a bent rod, but Tom's fish release and Tones is an approved trout lifted! After this happens no more, but you have to be satisfied with an approved fish now!

Thanks to Tom & Tone for this time! We'll see the spring again!

Over & out!

This season's best fishing day with three "Karl Forest snowmobiles"!

Today we got five approved salmonids - 3 salmon and trout two! Four of the fish were between 6-7 kg !!! A few big pike on 5 and 7 kg also came up. In addition to this we had several fish on that we lost ...! Frederick, Mark and Emil from Karlskoga had a day full of "action and spöböj"! During two hectic hours in the middle of the day I was busy with tackling the bleak and rig the rods ... and no time for either coffee or sandwich ...!

Today's finale came when I thought today's grab-rush was over. Suddenly it says "swisch" in a djupriggspö and ruller shout! A delightfully chipper which Frederick takes care of and that will be the day's second superfight in about 25-30 minutes before I can rake a nice salmon of 6.7 kg! This fish we were never in the picture due to bad light ...!

Fishing has in recent days been fishing in the super class ... I hope I can deliver more days like this before the winter comes.

Over & out! / Tommy

Four of today's salmonids and a sjukilos pike. Today's fifth salmon drug Fredrik after this picture was taken!

Double Dig!

Emils baddare-lax på ca 6.9 - 7 kg!

Markus trout of about 6.5 kg!

Another "fetöring" Emil got!

Fredrik with your first salmon!

DOUBLE CUT! Two bright trout stabbed while Emil o Mark!


Set of fishing days ...

Yes wind down to it for both fishing guide and fishing guests. I can not supply the fishing day is booked and the guests have to wait for a new fishing day.

Now, the next scheduled fishing on Monday! Then we hope that the winds are better and that we come out on the wave again!

Over & out! / Tommy