Salmon trolling on Lake Vänern with fishing guide Tommy Nerstrand

Tommy Nerstrand

A flying start to Vänern with Robert and Felix from Germany!

When the third ytspöt came out so said it WHAM! What FLYING START in the morning ...!

Salmons has the little absent last week, but now they seem to be there again ...!

Robert trilled perfect a nice Vänerlax!

Felix then drew a fine trout! Ytspö again!

We also lost a neighboring salmon inside the boat and enjoyed a good mark too!


We ended the day with a little bass fishing!

Thank you Robert & Felix for a nice fishing day!

Over & out! / Tommy

Good Vänerfiske with goa guys from ingot!

Day 1 with a trio Olle Gothenburg, Ola and Jörgen. Flying start when we put out the fourth rod so cut the day's first salmon! A fish that Jorgen trills home splendidly! Salmon 5 kg!

A good sign was that the salmon was fresh stickleback in the throat so we came in perfect breakfast!

The morning until lunchtime was great! Then leveled out fishing.

We summarize a good day with three approved salmon, the wild salmon of about 6 kg, and two trout that was too short! Tomorrow is a new tag with the same bunch!

/ Over & out!


Spigg = laxgodis!

Good afternoon fishing at Stein Vidar o!

Had yesterday Sunday Stein o "Electronics Oracle" Vidar on a nice trip on Lake Vänern! The morning was calm on the chopping front but went better after 14 pm!

Two nice trout was exactly 5.6 kg / pcs. A couple of short trout and a gated decent fish!

/ Tack till Stein o Vidar!


Fine trout!

Over & out!