Salmon trolling on Lake Vänern with fishing guide Tommy Nerstrand

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Question 1: What happens if the wind is too strong on the booked fishing day?

Answer 1: There are two options; We change fishing day or so, we change our fishing waters to a more sheltered fishing. Decisions as to acceptable wind speeds etc. taken by us and based on the latest weather forecasts. Ideally, the day before fishing because the older projections can not be trusted. Our fishing guests must be prepared to change fishing day because wind conditions. Simply having a single date that works for the group does not work. Flexibility is a must for an inland sea of ​​Vänern.

Question 2: How many hours do we fish?

Answer 2: Depends on the type of fishing. Salmon trolling Vänern and trolling the lakes is about 7 hours of fishing + transport to your fishing spot. Belly fishing about 5 hours. See on respective fishing.

Question 3: Do you have catch guarantees ?!

Answer 3: No, but it's very seldom we return without fish! The term "sport" is always a risk that the fish refuses to cut ... Please look at our news page. Where are the last days the fishing results!

Question 4: How can we pay?

Answer 4: We send the bill to be paid before fishing. Cash payment against receipt is also possible.

Question 5: Do I need to bring my own equipment?

Answer 5: No, when it comes to trolling so is everything we need in the boat. We use specially adapted equipment for the best possible experience! To float tube fishing on the other hand, one can however bring your own spinning or spinning rod alternatively fly rod. Otherwise included equipment too.

Question 6: How late can I cancel or move the fishing day?

Answer 6: To book the entire fishing experience requires certain rules. See our cancellation policy. By contrast, to move a booked and paid fishing day to another date can be made as late as the day before fishing. Important; That we as soon as possible to book a new date for the fishery.

Question 7: Where do we meet?

Answer 7: Depends on the type of fishing. At Salmon trolling in Vänern we meet where fishing is currently the best! See "important coordinates" on our contact page. In other fishing experiences we meet near Bengtsfors. The exact venue we make up on the phone one or two days before fishing.

On the way out on the lake Vänern