Salmon trolling on Lake Vänern with fishing guide Tommy Nerstrand

Good fishing yesterday at Vänern and rescue operation of a trollare in need of stalling ...

Regulars and Erik Claes from Vanersborg yesterday got to experience a "actiondag" Vänern in two ways ...

Fishing gave many blows that day but unfortunately it was several fish dropped on the road toward the boat ... When the day was over, we could count two approved fish a salmon and trout, as well as a beautiful wild trout on nearly 6 kg! We were also too short and some time between 11 and 13 was full "action" in the boat!

When the clock was approaching 14, so we had to call on the radio of a trollare that had been stalling a bit south of us. We got an approximate position and he would try to fix the problem yourself. After a while we hear that the problem persists and the wind was coming up ... The forecast for the day sued perfect. The wind would increase significantly in the South.

We made the decision to start picking up the stuff and being prepared to rescue the magician. A good decision! When we picked up the stuff in the counter sea we hear that the troller pushes towards a base area with a lot of stones and foundation ... We put full speed in the counter lake down to the position and find the troll driving on the road towards stones and foundation within the 2 meter curve. I got to drive the boat and my guest Claes had to act as a sailor and receive the tamp from the troll. Then we were able to pull him towards a fairway and in shelter for Hjorten's headland. A lovely feeling appeared!

There, protected from the wind, he could make solid in a landmark because a friend would pick him up there. Something we had confirmed a little later.

Over & out! / Tommy 0708-807222

Claes with salmon!
In the port of nice fish!
Magician filmed a bit of salvation. The quality is so-so but that time is not the most important ...