Salmon trolling on Lake Vänern with fishing guide Tommy Nerstrand

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Fall Season = chasing fish in the area and måsdyk!

The fall season starts in late October! It is a short and intense period, and you have to take the opportunity when the nice days, with calm winds and good conditions!

Warm overalls and heat in the cabin enables us to keep up the "cosiness" of the boat, even though it's autumn. A little hot coffee inside the cabin is not wrong either ...!

Here is a video of the autumn fishing where we are chasing fish in the area and måsdyk around us with three guys from Karlskoga in the boat that got to experience salmon trolling in Vänern at it's best!

Email or call and we'll book a date that suits! I run all days of the week. The price is 2100 SEK / person. WELCOME!

A beautiful autumn day on Vänern!

Time to book into the late autumn Salmon trolling in Vänern!

We remember happy last year's autumn fishing but many salmon caught over the magic 10-kilogram limit!

There were also new "båtrekord" with a praktlax the entire 11.42 kg I caught myself on one of the last days before the ice put a stop to fishing!

How it will be the upcoming fall fishing season will be exciting to see! That there are large salmon also now clearly! If you are lucky stabs one of the "beds" on the day that we're out !?

Call or email so we arrive at a date that suits! I run all week and expects to start the season in late October to November and goes on until Osen puts a stop.

Over & Out! / Tommy Nerstrand Tel. 0708-807222 eller e-post.

Record salmon of 11.42 kg!


From today (13 of july) we take 4 weeks holiday so we wish all visitors in our wonderful area a nice stay and our regular clients a relaxing summer!

Bookings for Salmon trolling in autumn season is open! Send a email or call us on 0046 0708 807222

“Sunny greetings” from your fishing guide Tommy Nerstrand

Time to book the autumn salmon trolling in Vänern!

Now we take a summer break in the guided tours on Vänern and lakes! The water-temperature rise and it becomes increasingly difficult to salmon and trout. This does not mean that it is impossible, but we want the best conditions to get the fish when we have paying guests on board!

The fall season starts in late October and usually last up to Christmas. Right now there are plenty of days left to book. The last week in October is already booked out and a few stray days in November and December. Otherwise it is just to select the day / days!

Wishing you all a great summer and welcome back in the fall!

Over & Out! / Tommy Nerstrand, Phone: 0046 708 807222, Mail: info (at)


Good float tube fishing with a group from Switzerland!

Patrons who return is crucial for the business and even better it will be when the fishery is a success! Pasqal with friends from Switzerland, is a shining example of this.

With floating ring will close watchful fish and good locations occurs regardless of how far you can throw.

Hope to see you in Dalsland again! / Over & Out! / Tommy

Reef fish!
A grilled lunch puts the finishing touch: E!

The spring season ended with PARTY FISHING!

The spring season was rounded off recently with two days differed fish terms like "night and day"!

One day I had with me and Claes Erik from Vanersborg who experienced this spring's best fishing day catch wise! A few days later I was in the same place with three guests in the boat without a single stab ... The same weather and the same water temperatures ... Salmon trolling is as it is ...! It will in all cases some pictures from the "success day" with Claes Erik was topped with a trout of 8.4 kg!

The day was crowned with spring's biggest trout of 8.4 kg!
Leopard Spotted beauty ...!

"Laxfonds director" showed where the cabinet would be!

Last time when Thomas Johansson of Laxfond Vänern was in the boat, they released the salmon unlucky near the boat ... but this time it went better!

The wind was tricky to forecast miss from SMHI. 6-7 m / sec WEST were actually 10-11 m / sec SOUTHWESTER. This means minimal chances to get shelter! We decided, however, to try anyway! A McLay boats pass the lake fine anyway but the autopilot had trouble several times to stay the course ...

Öring nummer ett kom via ett djupriggspö som fiskade på ca 5 m djup!Daniel drillade hem öringen flott och vi spräckte nollan! Skönt. Magnus fick ett kort napp också som visade sig vara en gädda som beta av tacklet…

The wind increased and the lake became even messier ... When we later in the day moved us and stroked by a shallow edge, we get a super ready! Thomas grips the rod and trills! The fish took a ytspö tackled with flasher and weighted with 60 grams of lead. Fully roll howl and hard to keep the boat in the wind ... No drill went well despite the messy weather and I see that there is a neighboring trout in the water ....! Thomas receives trout in "håvläge" and then ended up fish in stitches!

- Tjohooo in the boat and the director looked as pleased as "Wizard"!

Over & Out / Tommy

Thomas neighborly Gullspång Trout!
Daniel with your first trout!

Erik pulled a kalasfin salmon in the morning!

Better start to the day, you can not get! After we rigged sixth spot we get a roar stab at a ytspö!

Erik from Arjang drilled home the salmon gallant and wave ended 6.6 kg! "Erik number two" in the boat would trill fish No. 2 but it was just a "jerk and release" and then the fish was gone ... A gäddnapp we also got.

Thanks boys for a kanonfin day!

Over & Out / Tommy

Erik with bastant Vänerlax!

22/5 nice trout + bass fishing saved the day!

A nice trout in the net and the barred shortly after ... then it was slam the brakes on fishing!

Slightly more baby we had but in the end we got even gaudy bass ...! Kalas weather without thunderstorms especially appreciated because the forecast contained thunderstorm ...! Sometimes we are lucky!

Over & Out / Tommy

One trout ended up in the net ...!

Better fishing with brothers Järvinen from Finland!

Always nice to patronize! Lassi & Pentti came back after last spring's fishing and dotted just right weather! While fishing was a notch better than last time!

We summarize many pleasant moments in the boat and I greet the brothers welcome back the new fishing adventure!

Over & Out! / Tommy

Pentti with trout cut through deep rig at 6 meters depth.
Lassi with trout!
More trout!
Another nice trout!
Pentti salmon of 6.6 kg!
Massive schools of bait fish in the boat ...!
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