Salmon trolling on Lake Vänern with fishing guide Tommy Nerstrand

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Spring salmon fishing reservations nearing the end ...

... But the unseasonably cold water makes fishing is still on top!

Surface water temperature is now at about 9 degrees in Vänern. Last year at the same time, we had about 15 degrees ...! This helps to keep up the fantastic salmon fishing we had last month! Incredible catches of between 4-6 approved fish per fishing day!

You start, however, the pre-booked days contracted in the calendar - although fishing is still on top. If you are craving Salmon-trolling on Lake Vänern so you have to decide quickly! Before the water gets too hot!

Beautiful trout that was caught just over a week ago ...!

Many fishing regards to you all! Dalsland Fishing Tommy Nerstrand 0046 531 10018 (office) 0046 708 807222 (handy)

Tommy Nerstrand

A windy and difficult fished day wilderness lakes ...

Today was a "extreeemt" weather in Västra Silen! Pouring rain and windy weather followed one another ... but we had a nice time on board anyway, and plenty of good food as we munched on ...!

It was Jan who had commanded his sons on fishing. Vänern was not available for fishing that day so we tried to get some calmer weather V. strainer instead.

Tobias drew a decent pike stabbed out towards the planerboarden! While Tobias trilled the pike we had a "spralligare" stab in another ytspö which we unfortunately do not hooked! But fishing is fishing ...!

It's not often you get plåtad with pike, so you get the opportunity ...!

Thanks for a nice day! Hope to see you in Dalsland back for new adventures! Maybe when the fall season kicks off on Vänern !?

Over & out

Felix & Ingemar had a great day!

Four approved salmonids again! The fishing is fantastic at the moment! Tomorrow, I booked again but the question is where we should be fishing due Weather ?! Vänern or wilderness lakes ??!

Anyway got Ingemar and Felix a great day on Lake Vänern!

Four fish, a salmon and three trout! A good day! Again ?!

We also had a double blow but one fish released ...!


Over & out / Tommy

Exciting fishing in the Belly Boats!

Rainbow trouts in the surface and sunny weather!

Thomas, Peter and Arne did a nice experience when fishing rainbow trouts in the Belly Boats!

We had as ususal a lunchbreak for some “hot sausages” on the barbecue. – Relaxing time!

Booking and information:

Dalslandfishing or Andino Reisen
0046 708 807222

Over & out!

Severe Fished ... but eventually came off it!

Yesterday's fishing began with a pike, but then there was a halt in fishing. Only when the wind slowed things started to happen! Then began the salmon appear in the surface ...!

A nice day with fathers and sons from Oslo! Arne Christian & Henry, Simon & Luke. An interested and committed gang in the boat that made the day extra successful!

In addition to fishing, I want to mention the "distinguished visitor" in the boat by author Simon Stranger which is one of Norway's most famous novelist. Right now highly topical with the book "Those who do not exist" and nominated for NORDIC COUNCIL Children's and Youth LITERATURE PRIZE 2015.

As a fishing guide you meet lots of interesting people and it's something that I'm extra thankful for!

A THOUSAND THANKS for a nice day and we hope to see in the new fishing adventure!

Arne Christian med lax!

Luke pike!

Simon Strangers next book will now hot: The enigmatic salmon in Dalsland "...!

Henrik with the salmon in his arms!


Many fishing regards to you all! Dalsland Fishing Tommy Nerstrand 0046 531 10018 (office) 0046 708 807222 (handy)

“Sex laxar i en laxask” …!

Thursday's guests came from Susisaari! Mattias Jakob and Sebastian got to feel the strong "silver fish" who invited up to dance! When the day was over, we could sum up the 6 approved fish! Two salmon and four trout plus a pike! We also got a wonderfully DOUBLE ready!

The wind picked up at the end but then it was time to pack up anyway.

Today bouncer drug Mattias! A salmon of about 6 kg!

Jacob went largest trout!



This approved trout released Sebastian back! A good decision!


Thanks to Jacob, Sebastian and Mattias for a great day!

Hope to see you again in the new fishing adventure! / Tommy

Over & Out

Curved rods and roller Howl of Vasteras-gang!

Torbjörn got Salmon trolling on Lake Vänern 50th birthday of other gang with wives! Today it was time and it went fine ... .Notwithstanding thunder on the horizon!

The whole gang with today approved fish!

Torbjörn with his birthday-trout!

Hakan today's fattest salmon!


Difficult to summarize'm offered a "full action" with several goa tucking and rolling howl! Several short fishes, some bomhugg and four approved salmonids had to follow ashore!

Very nice that we did not finish fishing because of the thunderstorm. The winds kept in check all day! Some heavy rain we got, however, feel ...! But what makes it a warm and cozy McLay boat ....!

Many thanks to the whole team for the nice day!
Thanks also to Dalia who took care of login and the Inn at Dal who fixed ice that held the fish cold and fresh during the trip home to Västerås!

Over & out!

SUPER FISHING Lake Vänern with even a triple stab!

When the fog lifted was carved! FIVE approved salmonids got to go with the land. Three trout and two salmon! We also had two pike in decent-sized. Martin, Bosse and Henry saw Vänern from his generous side today!

Many thanks to Martin, Bosse and Henry for today!

I hope you also had a nice evening at Ronnums Manor house with whirlpool and a good dinner and the chef tweaked fancy fillets for you! Welcome to new adventures with Dalsland Fishing!

Over & out!

Patrons from Switzerland liked "Bellyboat fishing"!

Today's guests from Switzerland has been in "Fish Country Dalsland" before! As usual thrives them here! Especially if they get fajta regnbågsöringar in floating rings!

Here is a selection of today's images. Rain relieved the sunny moments. Nice fish weather with good mood!


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Thank you guys for today and hopefully I see you here again!

Over & Out