Salmon trolling on Lake Vänern with fishing guide Tommy Nerstrand

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Salmon in the morning but then it became quiet ...!

After yesterday's shambles, there was a clear optimism today!

In the morning "smockade it" in a ytspö and Martin drilled home a rowdy salmon! The salmon was strong and Martin trilled with bravura! "Håvmästaren" (I!) Did what I paid for: pocketed the salmon! But ... after this it was calmer on the rods. Not until the end of the day came a stab at djupriggspö which we unfortunately missed. Fine sunshine weather and a bit warmer on Lake Vänern today.


Martin with salmon!


Who said "banana board" brings bad luck .. ??!

Tomorrow is the new adventure on Lake Vänern.

Over & out

Suddenly, the salmon there!

Today was the father and son Edward & Jocke from Gävle in the boat. I have to admit I busted out with "moderate" optimism after last spring to say the least moody fishing ...! But in the afternoon, then turn the wind from north to west, and then suddenly it is salmons in the boat ... and Slash!

Five fish in the boat which 3 approved salmon plus two missed fish ...! Everything happened between the hours of 14 and 17 when the wind turned west!

When I went from Tösse Pelvic so adjusted Jocke & Edvard fish and then isades fish down in a box. A serious and good way to transport fish all the way to Gävle!

Many thanks for today and I hope to see you back in the boat on new adventures!

Over & out!

A difficult caught Vänern had to give way to the end!

Per Anders with neighboring Väneröring!

After four "baby boom" as the hook was a nice trout in the end!

Vänern is now some very difficult days fished. Fish take carefully or not at all ... Some days you get few chances to hook them or none at all ..! Saturday we had great fishing, but then we had a couple of really tough fishing days.

Regular Per-Anders Bugge visited the boat on Wednesday and then we managed to hook a nice trout on the end of the day! Before that, we had to content ourselves with several missed fish.

Last Thursday we were out in the southern parts of the lake and we had only one fish on which we unfortunately lost after a short fight ... We now hope for stable weather and happy little warmer so maybe fishing is steady!

Thanks to Per Anders for a fun day on the lake with many "daft stories"!

Over & Out

This spring so far the best day! Salmon on more than 8 kg on top!

Today we got a couple of exciting stab periods gave several nice fish for Terje, Torstein, Martin and Terje! When Torstein took 8 kg salmon, he was so happy that he ate a minnow like salmon spat out at the termination ... !!!

Four fish had to follow ashore. Three salmon and trout! We can thus summarize a toppdag Vänern!

Many thanks for today. Tomorrow there will be gale winds over Vänern so we will try to find fish potable water around Bengtsfors instead!

Over & out!

Holliday Lake Vänern with guests from Nora! track winds wrong time and time again nowadays ... This time would wind up in 9 m / s but we had more than 6 m / sec in the morning. Then was well attic of about 3 m / sec and sunshine! Additionally nice fishing!

Ludwig with today's salmon of 5.8 kg! Salmon struck when we set out 7 rod ...!

Dennis drilled home a fine trout that we saw on the sonar screen when it slashed 5 meters under the boat! Awesome!

A big thank you to Johnny, Ludwig and Dennis for a nice day at the Vänern! Welcome here on new adventures!

Many fishing regards to you all! Dalsland Fishing Tommy Nerstrand 0046 531 10018 (office) 0046 708 807222 (handy)