Salmon trolling on Lake Vänern with fishing guide Tommy Nerstrand

News - Latest Rolling tjutet

Michael, Sasha and Rudi from Switzerland experienced Dalsland's lakes and Vänern!

Quite difficult fishing but the gang got several reef fish during their stay here!

A lovely week ended with dinner at First Hotels in Bengtsfors where guests of övrgt lived during his week here.

Thanks to Michael, Sasha and Rudi and to First Hotel for a great week!

Over & Out! / Tommy

Fine salmon!
Sasha with neighboring trout!
The lakes also delivered ...!
Windy on the lakes ... but the fish chopped fine anyway!
Michaels salmon on the fourth day, put the icing on the cake: the E!

15/4 Good fishing in Halland gang!

Last time, last fall was the "pole out" but this time it went better for Halland!

First trout took the ytspö and we saw several fish hunting in the area just before the blow ...!

Thank you for this time and welcome back for new adventures!

Over & Out / Tommy

Bosse with your first trout!
Salmon over 6 kg ended the day nicely!
The weather could not complain about ...!
Mirror Blank!

Wonderful sunshine weather but difficult fishing ...!

We only got two chances today! One chance we took, and Thomas drilled home a kanonfin trout! The second was a barred stab through the depth of the rig ...

Thomas, Thomas and Daniel from Gavle visited the boat for the second time yesterday. Like last time, we were only two contacts with the fish and the result was a neighbor trout of about 5.7 kg! Today both stab came through deep rigs.

Thanks to Gavle gang and hope to see you again!

Over & out! / Tommy

Tomas became today's happy öringfångare!

8/4: Ice cold north wind ... but we cheated a neat salmon anyway!

Yes, today was the icy wind from the north and usually around 7-8 m / s. McLay-boat's warm cabin felt extra valuable today!

Vi fiskade av alla de “vanliga ställena” utan resultat… Därefter tog en sväng långt in mellan 8 och 10 meterstoppar och fick 5-gradigt vatten… – Då sa det tjong på ett ytspö! Dagens enda hugg resulterade i en kanonfin lax på 7,4 kg! Tänk vad en lax kan göra för underverk en iskall dag…! 🙂

Over & Out! Tommy N.

"Stylish salmon" 7.4 kg!

5/4: The trout was on the bite!

Vänern was too windy ... then there are lakes that can provide good fishing!

During most of the day was the stone died rods but during a hectic half hour we cheated four fish. Three trout and char! We kept a trout others returned!

New trains on Monday! Over & Out! Tommy N.

Today's most beautiful trout!

Lovely DOUBLE CUT became today's big shot!

Three happy Norwegians in the boat today and the weather was better than the weather gods predicted ...!

First, Marius got a trout at 59 cm. A little later, we get a nice double fangs! Trond and Kaj fightar was his fish and both end up in the net! Salmon 5.6 kg and 4.7 kg trout!

Thanks for today! Tomorrow is a new tag!

A place remains May 20 ...

The day before yesterday there was one person who booked in on the salmon fishing May 20, so now only remains a place for those who want to test the salmon trolling in Vänern!

Call or email if you want to experience Vänern salmon and trout fishing! Tel. 0708-807222 or info (at)

Over & Out! / Tommy Nerstrand

Catch your dream fish with us!

Full speed ahead on bookings for spring Salmon trolling in Vänern!

In the middle of winter with lots of snow and cold weather has yet people have set their sights on spring and sunny days on the lake ...!

At present, it is almost fully booked throughout April. There are two days left in the current situation. In May, however, there are some days left! There usually be sunny calm day on the lake and we will disembark sunburned and red nose ...!

If you've been thinking you out on Lake Vänern or any of Dalslands beautiful lakes in our so it is time to send a mail or call now!

Until the spring, with warm sunshine and fighter with salmon and trout, there are some samples below from a movie clip from a vårfiske!

Tel. 0708 807222 or

Welcome! / Tommy Nerstrand