Salmon trolling on Lake Vänern with fishing guide Tommy Nerstrand

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Lovely DOUBLE CUT became today's big shot!

Three happy Norwegians in the boat today and the weather was better than the weather gods predicted ...!

First, Marius got a trout at 59 cm. A little later, we get a nice double fangs! Trond and Kaj fightar was his fish and both end up in the net! Salmon 5.6 kg and 4.7 kg trout!

Thanks for today! Tomorrow is a new tag!

A place remains May 20 ...

The day before yesterday there was one person who booked in on the salmon fishing May 20, so now only remains a place for those who want to test the salmon trolling in Vänern!

Call or email if you want to experience Vänern salmon and trout fishing! Tel. 0708-807222 or info (at)

Over & Out! / Tommy Nerstrand

Catch your dream fish with us!

Full speed ahead on bookings for spring Salmon trolling in Vänern!

In the middle of winter with lots of snow and cold weather has yet people have set their sights on spring and sunny days on the lake ...!

At present, it is almost fully booked throughout April. There are two days left in the current situation. In May, however, there are some days left! There usually be sunny calm day on the lake and we will disembark sunburned and red nose ...!

If you've been thinking you out on Lake Vänern or any of Dalslands beautiful lakes in our so it is time to send a mail or call now!

Until the spring, with warm sunshine and fighter with salmon and trout, there are some samples below from a movie clip from a vårfiske!

Tel. 0708 807222 or

Welcome! / Tommy Nerstrand

Last trolling tour on Vänern before the winter break ... ?!

Winter, ice, cold strain on both the equipment and the "guide" but when it comes the odd mild day with calm winds, you get the opportunity ...!

The decision was taken late Friday night. There will be one last trip to Sunnanå! Storlaxarnas capital! A little shame that the fog was difficult for all the boats were crowded on the hottest spots at the risk of running into each other paravanlinor ...

Here are some videos that I got up in the fog. Amateur Filmed but with a GoPro deep rig boom so it is possible to reflect a few moments!

Spring bookings have started to get into the lot! Especially now when all the big salmon caught and the big salmon that I myself did last weekend of 11.42 kg!
Get in touch with the proposed date if you are interested. April and May are usually the peak season! Over & Out! / Tommy

Today's largest fish was the salmon of 7.95 kg which was one of two fish in a "double grab" ...!

New personal best on Vänerlax - 11.42 kg!

The new year could not start better! About a month ago I equaled my record of 10.2 kg but last Sunday, January 6 was surpassed by far!

Recent caught large salmon inspired even a trolling in Vänern. Actually, I had guessed that last tour was the last one before the winter break ... but that did not happen! The goal for the day was a big salmon!

Slippery driving conditions does calm driving with about 2700 kg towing hitch ...

"When the big salmon runs of tea - have a right me"!
Både inre och yttre rampen i Sunnanå var isfria fick jag reda på av Fredrik Sköld i Melleruds Trollingklubb. Bra besked. Jag tog det lugnt ner till Sunnanå på morgonen. Halt väglag. Spöna var riggade ca kl 10,00. Tät dimma och ca 20 båtar ute…ett fåtal med radar. Började att fiska av ett ställe som var bra dagen före enligt rapporter. Inget händer. Kaffe och smörgås smakar bra inne i värmen på McLayen. Jag kör tre rundor på platsen och då “drar det till” i ett ytspö – stenhårt!

Yes! Good speed of the fish that I trills in about 10 minutes but then let the fish unfortunately just behind the boat. I have time to see that it is a fine trout maybe 7 kg + ... - Dret! I decide to move me. The salmon appears to be on the site that day while I later hear on the radio that "Peter Bend" get a big salmon over 10 kg! The place is "banana" and is located not far from where I am.

Double Grab - trout pike +!
More sandwiches and coffee. Fog lifts something! When done it. A djupriggspö and ytspö succeed each other in a double stab! A pike ytspöt returned. On the second rod is a trout I manage to get up with a bit of luck. Backlash by upper rod and a flasher was cleared out splendidly! The trout Havas fine and weighs about 5 kg! Phew!

Trout about 5 kg!

Hot area!
En sväng runt nordspetsen på “Bananen” ger inget men det är ganska gott om betesfisk under båten. Fortsätter i riktning sydväst och ser Fredrik Skölds båt framför mig samtidigt som jag möter “Peter Böjs” båt där Peter och Levin står och “bryter” i varsin fisk med rejält böjda spön! Här är platsen där även Fredrik Sköld nyss fått en grann lax på över 7 kg. Dimman är borta nu och då ringer jag upp Elias som sökt mig tidigare. Mitt under samtalet hör jag ett ilsket “tjutande” ljud och första tanken är om det är något fel på motor eller autopilot…men inser snabbt att det är ett “vrålhugg”! Slänger telefonen in i kabinen och kastar mig upp mot babords sidas mellanspö som står i djup båge! Daiwarullen fullständigt “ylar” när linan bara rinner av spolen!!!

How happy are you !!!

80-100-meter peak in the blow !!!
Första utraset är magiskt och något alla trollare vill ha! Fiskens första rusning är enorm och det är bara att stå och hålla i grejerna tills fisken är klar. När fisken stoppar långt bakom båten får jag på GoPro-kameran och säger orden “det här kommer ta tid”… Fisken kom dock någorlunda snällt in till båten men små-stångades nere i djupet. Väl inne vid båten ser jag att det är en JÄTTELAX och börjar fundera på håvning… Fisken ska prompt in mellan linorna från djupriggspöna och krånglar upp och ner i djupet flera gånger. Jag övervägde att lägga ur växeln och satsa på håvning men helt plötsligt kommer laxen in mot motorn och då gör jag ett “bryt” i fisken samtidigt som fisken glider in över håvbygeln och faller ner i håvgarnet…! Nu gäller det! Håvgarnet bildar en “säck” och jag tar ett spjärntag och lyfter med skaftet rakt upp. Tvärstopp! Vad nu??? Håvgarnet hade fastnat i spärrknapparna för badstegen… Fipplade snabbt ur knapparna och kunde lyfta bjässen ombord! -TJOHOOOO!!! Vågen visade ca 11,4 kg på sjön och var ett rejält nytt personligt rekord!!!

The skull of the big salmon liked! Jackpot Baitholder!

“Osynligt hugg” 🙂
When I stand and talk into the GoPro camera so I do not see even one rod on the roof signals the baby! Comic! Watch the clip that is laid out! There appear how the rod begins rocker behind me. I had turned off the Knarren on the roll so nothing was heard ...! I was, however, also include this fish was a nice salmon of about 65 cm with clipped adipose fin, but this fish, I returned to the lake. Why would I take it when I had rekordlax the boat ?!

Inside the harbor control were weighed salmon to exactly 11.42 kg!

Over & Out! / Tommy

New Daiwaspöna from Olsson's Fishing!
On the way in to Sunnanå!

Happy New Year!

I wrote the "season finale" in the last post but it was a turn of Vänern before New Year!

Starting from Sunnanå and fine a nice day on the lake. Unfortunately fog all day ... Dropped two big fishes but managed to fool a nice salmon of just 6 kg when I would finish the day. Only two deep rigging rods and then chop the salmon on a bleak caught 6 m deep! Nice finish!

Want to wish you all a happy new year of fishing and so visible, we in the new year!

Over & out! / Tommy

Season finale of "own fishing" and two nice fish for Christmas dinner!

Ice in the harbor and snow on the road from Bengtsfors to Sunnanå ... but the season must end as I usually do ...!

In recent years, I have made your own luck before the Christmas break and so it was also on this day. Cold and clear weather. Only a trolling fishermen who were out. Jorgen Lund from Vanersborg that does not give up in a hurry! We had some nice contacts out there during the day. For my part, it was two nice fish that I could take home for Christmas dinner. A salmon on more than 5 kg and 4 kg trout!

Now we take Christmas breaks! Over & Out / Tommy

Salmon over 5 kg, which took seven meters down via a djupriggspö!
A trout of about 4 kg to cut the end of the day ...!
Beautiful sunrise!
Dusk in Sunnanå harbor when I came in after the end of fishing. The ice began to meddle too ...

Colored trout in Vänern with "Bait-and Christin Marius!

There were several blows during the day on Vänern which two fish that were "approved" and that the guests got to take home! Marius topped the day with a trout of 7.1 kg!

Thanks for a nice day and welcome back to the spring! Over & Out / Tommy

Ann-Christin with your first trout cut on expenses ...!
Marius suffered a nasty fight when the trout would be submitted to the net! Weight 7,1 kg!