Salmon trolling on Lake Vänern with fishing guide Tommy Nerstrand

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Happy New Year!

I wrote the "season finale" in the last post but it was a turn of Vänern before New Year!

Starting from Sunnanå and fine a nice day on the lake. Unfortunately fog all day ... Dropped two big fishes but managed to fool a nice salmon of just 6 kg when I would finish the day. Only two deep rigging rods and then chop the salmon on a bleak caught 6 m deep! Nice finish!

Want to wish you all a happy new year of fishing and so visible, we in the new year!

Over & out! / Tommy

Season finale of "own fishing" and two nice fish for Christmas dinner!

Ice in the harbor and snow on the road from Bengtsfors to Sunnanå ... but the season must end as I usually do ...!

In recent years, I have made your own luck before the Christmas break and so it was also on this day. Cold and clear weather. Only a trolling fishermen who were out. Jorgen Lund from Vanersborg that does not give up in a hurry! We had some nice contacts out there during the day. For my part, it was two nice fish that I could take home for Christmas dinner. A salmon on more than 5 kg and 4 kg trout!

Now we take Christmas breaks! Over & Out / Tommy

Salmon over 5 kg, which took seven meters down via a djupriggspö!
A trout of about 4 kg to cut the end of the day ...!
Beautiful sunrise!
Dusk in Sunnanå harbor when I came in after the end of fishing. The ice began to meddle too ...

Colored trout in Vänern with "Bait-and Christin Marius!

There were several blows during the day on Vänern which two fish that were "approved" and that the guests got to take home! Marius topped the day with a trout of 7.1 kg!

Thanks for a nice day and welcome back to the spring! Over & Out / Tommy

Ann-Christin with your first trout cut on expenses ...!
Marius suffered a nasty fight when the trout would be submitted to the net! Weight 7,1 kg!

Öringbonanza med Caverion!

Today, all guests warbling approved trout which is not so common nowadays ...!

Wind forecasts were right and we were able to fish effectively with our tackled bleak. Ulf from Caverion invited Jonny and Soren who were the guests on board. Late morning between 11 o 12 was the best period. The gulls were conspicuous by their absence today but trout chasing smelt in the water!

On Friday, the new tag if winds allow! Thanks for today!

Over & Out / Tommy

Perch fishing with me on German TV!

Take your time to look through the film! A German documentary that was released the other day, based on the people and events around the lakes in Dalsland Canal. Extra content from Bengtsfors area. Perch Fishing canoe Marathon, paddle tourism, nature, boats Channel, channel 150 anniversary, etc. brewery cellar

Fishing in the middle of the movie!

I trills a perch in a little over a kilo of Kenth nets!

Yesterday we combed zero ...

Sometimes, the inevitable. We get no approved fish in the boat. The weather was great, even if the wind changed direction "umpteen" time during the day, but it should be possible to catch them anyway! Unfortunately we lost today one stab at the end of the day ... Yesterday's guests, however, wanted to take "revenge" so they come back in the spring!

Over & Out / Tommy

Triple Tuck saves the day a few minutes before the finish!

Fishing was the least seeeegt during the day with the exception of a pike stabbed at 2 o'clock.

När solen var på väg ner och vi skulle avsluta dagens fiske så får vi ett hugg på ett djupriggspö som vi tyvärr tappar… Elände! Jag tar beslutet att vända upp och gå över huggplatsen en gång till och räknar med att det är det sista vi gör innan vi får avsluta dagen. Då får vi TRIPPELHUGG! Först djupriggspöt på 9 meter med flasher och direkt efter ett ytspö! När dagens gäster Claes och Erik greppat var sitt spö så hugger det även på ett djupriggspö på andra sidan båten! Jag tar det spöt men den fisken släpper ganska snabbt…!

First nets I Eriks fish is a trout of 5.1 kg! Claes fish is significantly more svårflörtad and pulls out pretty much line ... I decide to clean one side rods because we still must finish fishing and then we can make a turn and swing up into the wind and the fish! This allows Claes get into a lot of rope, and a moment later I get a håvläge at the side of the boat and the fish ends up in the net on the first try! Libra fall of 8.2 kg and two beautiful trout lying on the floor and two guests happy fish in the boat! Halleluuuja!

Over & Out! / Tommy

Claes with the biggest trout in the boat! 8.2 kg!

Lars-Gustav and Alex pulled up each trout for Christmas dinner!

The cold north wind, freezing temperatures and clear blue sky met us at the Vänern today.

Today, we never came right in the hunt for måsdyken how we tried! Our seductive bait fish attracted still two nice trout to bite! A lovely day with good mood on board and plenty of food. Thanks to Lars-Gustav and Alex!

Now wait a few days for the project The salmon in Vänern

Over & Out / Tommy

When fishing guests booking the dates wizard pulling up large salmon myself ...!

I would have enjoyed fishing guests this day, but one of them was unable to fish the day was postponed ...

Wind forecast was so good (alternating 1-5 m / sec) that it was a shame not to take advantage of the day to the little fishing so I decided in the morning to take a trip yourself ...! A decision I do not regret!

At lunchtime, I came perfectly into a måsdyk and then got a good stab through a djupriggspö where it sat a bleak the rope end at about 6 m. Deep. The fish pulled away in depth and after the initial rush, I got the GoPro camera that I usually mount on deep rig boom. The fight lasted about 20 minutes and is unfortunately not in the clip. The movie clip shows just after the initial rush, and when the fish is landed!

Sport Fishing News, Björn Blomqvist noticed the catch and several online magazines which of course is extra fun!

Link to Sport Fishing News here

Days off for salmon trolling is left! Call or email and we will find one day!

Over & Out! / Tommy Tel 0708-807222

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