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Today, Thomas "King of Trout"!

A tricky fishing day ... after a lot of gulls looked to have "full up" and plenty of bait fish on the sonar screen, it was svårtrugat ...

Thomas, however, was today's happiest man ...! Congratulations!

Several days now to set fishing but soon I'm on the wave again ...!

Over & Out! / Tommy

Today it was Tommy from Stromstad who became "trout King"!

Fishing is difficult right now! You should have both luck and skill there will be no trout or salmon now ...!

Today it was Tommy from Stromstad who got warbling a looker to the trout that cut across a seductive bleak threaded in a Jackpot head of the Swedish Flag-color! A fish that brightened the day in the boat!

Welcome back to the spring, and thank you for today!

There are a few days left in the best fall season for those who are looking to try to catch your own "Christmas Salmon" for Christmas dinner!

Call if so 0708-807222. Welcome!

Over & Out! / Tommy

Today was the Undertones tour!

The day began optimistically with a double stab at two depths rigging rods are like two bows and rollers growls!

Both Tom and Tone stands each with a bent rod, but Tom's fish release and Tones is an approved trout lifted! After this happens no more, but you have to be satisfied with an approved fish now!

Thanks to Tom & Tone for this time! We'll see the spring again!

Over & out!

Good fishing today with the guys from Kungalv!

Today, the fishing was really nice with both large perch and several trout topped with a neighboring trout of 6.3 kg!

Today it was excitement on board! Måsdyk with chasing fish in the surface and roll howl! One autumn day of fishing in the traditional way ... as they were before!

Two trouts of 5.2 kg and 6.3 kg, and a wild trout plus five "hefty" perch between 6 and 8 hg.

Thank you for today and till the beginning of May!

Over & out!

It was a long time since we had trout in the boat!

Yesterday we tried one of our lakes but both salmon and trout were conspicuous by their absence. In contrast, Frode experience a pleasant surprise when a nice char bet on a djupriggspö!

The fish was returned and saved the day for us who by the way was very difficult caught ... Another boat we had contact with was not a single contact with the fish all day ... We hope that calmer weather to improve fisheries coming weeks.

Thanks to Frode and the gang for a nice day and hopefully we'll see the spring again!

Over & out! / Tommy

Beautiful days Beyeler Brothers from Switzerland.

Vanern've been extremely windy last few days, but then you have to try to find an alternative to trolling offering more protected fishing. Regulars brothers Beyeler from Switzerland had to instead try the trout, pike and perch. This became popular!

The biggest regnbågsöringen is probably among the most beautiful I have ever seen! Enjoy the pictures.

Over & Out / Tommy

Herrman Alexander Beyeler year's most beautiful rainbow trout.

Alfred Beyeler with rainbow trout

Wolfgang - a patron of yesteryear visited the boat today!

Yes last when Wolfgang was in the boat, we were among others a seagull ...! It's probably over 10 years ago now. Fun to revisit an old regular in the boat! Today he first drill a "meter pike" and shortly later a fine trout of 76 cm had come home.

Fairly good weather today but we started in gray and a little foggy weather.

On Thursday, we started again but then maybe we choose another lake and another fishing ... .The weather decides!

Over & Out! / Tommy

Two reef fish in a short premiere fishing!

Thursday's results were far better than I expected! The main reason for the fishery was to test so that all things work for the start of the season next week. Last autumn's test run ended with one of the wheels on the trailer came off four times before I got back to Bengtsfors ... Thanks to the assistance of Martin I could get home trailer and boat repair ... So ahead of Thursday's test fishing so hopes anything but high ...!

Satte i grejerna runt 12-snåret. Konstaterar 12,2 grader i ytvattnet. 40 minuter senare ringer min kollega Petter och då har jag endast hunnit hälla upp en kopp kaffe. När vi pratar på telefon så hör jag ett bekant läte…! Ett djupriggspö niger sig bakåt och rullen skriker!!! Efter fin fight och lite halvtur i håvningen ligger det en grann lax på durken på ca 6 kg! Vilken start!

A little later in exactly the same place as it cuts back on the rod and the deep! A similar drill up resulting in a trout of 6.4 kg! "Bulls-eye"! Then I pick up the stuff and go ashore. More than three hours of fishing and two reef fish can be summarized with good fishing!

However, one should not make too much of the fishing overall. This applies as always to come in the right time, the right place, with the right bait, etc ...

Next week starts runs on Vänern and lakes. We'll see what happens then!

For those of you who have not yet booked into the autumn salmon are days remaining in the calendar! Welcome to book!

Over & Out! / Tommy 0708-807222

Late autumn season for Salmon trolling approaching!

Now, more and more phone calls and inquiries by mail before the upcoming fall season! As usual, we expect the water the temperature does not reach down to around 10 degrees in the area until around the end of October. That's when the fishing starts!

One of our regulars Lena with beautiful Vänerlax!

Last year's autumn season was not very good when you add up the fishing around the lake. We hope that next season is better fishing with gaudy salmon and trout up to 7, 8 or perhaps closer to 10-kg mark! Maybe it will be you that catch such ?!

We will, as previously assumed our favorite ports Sunnanå and Tösse brook. What we choose depends on where the fishing is best at the time and weather conditions. Some days, we may choose to tempt salmon in our larger lakes in the northern Dalsland. There are the same species in Vänern and we fish in the same way. The only difference is that we get more sheltered waters!

Now in the autumn will guide me about 3 days / week. Other days of the week, I work to improve salmon fishing in Vänern through Projects salmon in Vänern! (The holidays I spend in boat maintenance, family and leisure!)

The price is 2100 SEK / pers. / Day. More info here >>>

Let us know and we'll book a date that fits in your diary!

Fishing guide Tommy Nerstrand, tel. 0708-807222 or via mail.
20 years as prof. guide / 1998-2018

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