Salmon trolling on Lake Vänern with fishing guide Tommy Nerstrand

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The lakes supply despite the pale, pollen and 22 degrees in the water ...

Baking weather and total calm with lots of pollen in the water created no optimism, but we cheated a few bright trout anyway + a decent pike!

Michael from Fargelanda had booked into a combo fishing in lakes with his son. We sighted us on pike + trout. The pike was no coup at all but we managed to lure two fine trout, one of which drew heavily in one of ytspöna! In addition to the day's fishing on the rods so we could see about 15 fish that appeared in the surface during the day ... listless and uninterested!

Many thanks for a nice day and welcome back to the autumn!

Over & Out / Tommy

Success Fishing with regular Martin family!

Friday's fishing at the Vänern was a "hit"! Despite the unruly winds in the morning so we went out on the basis of forecasts that all pointed to "decreasing winds." This was also the case! The wind subsided and fishing "grew"!

Gulls fluttered around us chasing salmon and trout in the area made the day's fishing guests got to experience two double runs and five pass salmonids! The fifth - a recognized salmon on almost 5 kg were released back into the water because the family was already pleased with the number of fish. A fish was barred because of a cable lock that went up ... Sad, but that happens. (The guide's fault!)

Ville took the day's biggest fish - a trout of 6.4 kg, which took on a ytspö in today's first double-grab! Frida trilled other fish - a trout of about 5.8 kg!

Thanks Added bleak and sprat seemed to go best on this day.

Martin is one of my regulars in the boat and have been since 2004 ...! This time he was with his family as it was a birthday celebration that was the reason why fishing!

I wish you a great summer and welcome back!

Over & out! / Tommy

The whole family with great catch!

Ville with trout of 6.4 kg!

Former Regular Felix from Germany had this time with their own trolling successfully!

Thomas got a neighbor trout 50th birthday!

Thomas & Thomas and Daniel boarded the boat in Sunnanå Monday! As usual, it was sunshine and calm winds that awaited us outside on the wave ...!

Date Time-Thomas got today's big shot at a hefty trout struck a bleak fished in the area! Besides this, the day was difficult fished. Only three boats out, and a maximum of one fish per boat.

Two nice days with family Farstad from Oslo!

Tom, Tone and Lena are frequent guests in me since 2006! They have been through great fishing and days when a thunderstorm chased us ashore ...!

No time to shine but somewhat difficult fished must surely say. One day we drove wobbler and a day of baitfish.

The pictures say the rest! Welcome back to the autumn!

Over & Out / Tommy

2 boats guided by a fishing project from Eda!

Seven people appeared from fish project "Fish Resource Eda - Charlottenberg" as experienced Salmon trolling Vänern good sides!

I booked into John Justusson who guided the boat No. 2. It was a successful day!

Five approved fish caught and the gang got to experience both good weather and good fishing!

Thanks to Johan and Daniel who booked the group. Welcome back!

Over & out / Tommy

Today's "killer" was a custom imported wobbler from China!

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