Salmon trolling on Lake Vänern with fishing guide Tommy Nerstrand


Set of fishing days ...

Yes wind down to it for both fishing guide and fishing guests. I can not supply the fishing day is booked and the guests have to wait for a new fishing day.

Now, the next scheduled fishing on Monday! Then we hope that the winds are better and that we come out on the wave again!

Over & out! / Tommy

1/6 Katerina and Gennadii from Ukraine got the fine Väneröringar!

It is more fun when it comes guests from far away - and that we succeed in realizing their hopes of catching "Vänern silver"!

Two nice trout was it - was their fish! Gennadii fightade their fish directly on the expenses of the 5th spot! A fight that lasted about 20 minutes before we got it in the net! Katerina fish cut through a djupriggspö ch a bleak fished at 6 meters depth.

We conjured only 5 hours and fished perch the last two hours. A bet which also became successful. We found perch at a 12-meter peak and we took nearly 15 perch in nice size before we set for the day.

Thank you Katerina and Gennadii for a nice day! Hope to see you again!

Over & out / Tommy