Salmon trolling on Lake Vänern with fishing guide Tommy Nerstrand

Four landed fish today with Fredrik and Hampus from Åmål!

A little windier boat trip than the day before but luckily the winds calmed down after lunch…! Then it started chopping a little denser too!

This day we got the first trout before we had rigged out all the rods…! A rocket launch! Then followed a few hours with windy and gusty winds but no worse than it was possible to fish. After lunch the wind went down to 2-3 m / sec and then the sun started to gass a little goare! As the weather improved, fishing also improved.

We had SEX good pacifiers and landed a total of 4 fish during the day. Two fish released. Two fine trout that were allowed to come home and larger wild salmon that in both cases came loose in the net and could be released easily! Fredrik became today's wild salmon expert "and Hampus became responsible for the" food fish "!

The surface rod fished best both today and yesterday! New roof on Monday again!

Over & out! / Tommy

Hampus' first trout!
… And here comes today's second trout which was a little bigger than the island first!