Salmon trolling on Lake Vänern with fishing guide Tommy Nerstrand

Sparsely carved between the last time ...

Tom Roar and Luc from Oslo have been with for two difficult days fished. Day one, we managed to fool a nice salmon but day 2 only a small trout in windy weather ...

The first day we were able to fish checked with our tackled bleak but the second day the wind was about 9 m / sec in the morning and a good bit in the day. The second day was therefore an attempt to wobblers! Those who know me know that the days we fish with lures is easy to count ... but some days can wobblers be just as good!

Now I hope that we will have warmer weather again and that fishing becomes a little more energetic! Happy little southerly winds too. Tomorrow is a new start again!

Thanks to Tom, Roar and Luc who always brighten the mood on board no matter how the fishing goes! Over & Out! / Tommy

Håvning of Toms lax!
A real feting the salmon that even trilled!