Salmon trolling on Lake Vänern with fishing guide Tommy Nerstrand

The spring of 2021 will be the last season on Lake Vänern after 23 years of "the world's most fun job"

The autumn seasonfishing days were very few - only 3 days we came out on Lake Vänern ... The fishing on these three days was very good! All fishing guests received approved salmon or trout!All other canceled days will be moved to the spring season, which will be the last season that I run guided tours on Lake Vänern.

It is a big challenge to conduct salmon trolling on Lake Vänern with all the usual obstacles such as windy weather, slippery road conditions, difficult fishing and now Corona came as "cream of the crop" which makes it impossible to conduct the guide in a business way and have it as income. For me, the closed border with Norway is a big problem.

For me, Corona became what helped me make the decision to quit after over 23 years of career as a salmon trolling guide on Lake Vänern. So now I will try to make a nice rounding for the spring. Some regulars have heard from me and booked one last fishing experience with me this spring. Feels warm in the heart. Will miss you all and all wonderful experiences we had in the boat together!

Hold out - Keep your distance - Keep in touch with each other!

Best Fish Greetings / Tommy