Salmon trolling on Lake Vänern with fishing guide Tommy Nerstrand

Hakan drug praktlax today!

The day could not have started any better with laxhugg when we rigged fourth spot! But it became sparser between the cut for the rest of the day. Hakan pulled today winning ticket and drilled home a kanonfin salmon!

The gang came down from Gavle to conjure salmon in Vänern. The morning breeze was well above forecasts and was about 9 m / sec to the promised 5-6 m / sec .... Luckily the wind died down quickly and we had a party weather!

A fish was barred by deep rig and some pike-feeding otherwise quite difficult fishing. Hakan will simply invite others to laxmiddag ...!

Over & Out / Tommy

Hakan salmon of 7.1 kg!