Salmon trolling on Lake Vänern with fishing guide Tommy Nerstrand

All spring booked salmon trolling days were canceled p.g.a. covid-19.

Only a few private test fishing days have been made on the lake in the spring with both fantastic fishing and worse. Some movie clips are saved which will be published here!

During the summer, no salmon trolling trips will be run. What is the focus now is bookings for this autumn's LAXTROLLING on Lake Vänern and in the lakes! Some of the spring bookings were advanced in the fall, so some days are already logged into the calendar. It may therefore be a good idea to inquire now to book your salmon fishing in the fall!

What we offer before the fall is rainbow trout from floating or ABBORREFISKE in the "home lake" just outside Bengtsfors.

Perch fishing is done from a smaller pilot pulpit boat so max 2 adults or "smaller family" works!

Below are some pictures from lovely days this spring! Both from Lake Vänern and our fine lakes in Dalsland - Värmland.

Call or email us with inquiries and reservations! I'll be guiding Monday - Friday. Tel 0046 (0) 708807222 or via our form!

Welcome! / Tommy

Magical fishing on Lake Vänern!

Wonderful wildlife from our lakes ...!

My wife with fantastic trout from Lake Vänern!

On our way out to one of our fine lakes!