Salmon trolling on Lake Vänern with fishing guide Tommy Nerstrand

The fall season began with four days of fishing with Beyeler from Switzerland!

ina regular clients from Switzerland have been here many times and enjoyed the peak fishing for salmon, trout and rainbow trout. Mostly Vänern but in recent times it has become more rainbow trout and perch.

Last week it was 3 days with a view to rainbow trout and a half day of trolling in Vänern. On Vänern had after an hour of fishing a nice wild trout that we could return unharmed! Other days they were great fighters with militant regnbågsöringar!

This week started with a set of fishing days and probably no salmon trolling until next week because of windy weather.

Over & Out / Tommy

Hermann with rainbow trout in about 3 kg.
Alfred with beautiful bow of 3.8 kg!
Perfect condition now in the fall!