Salmon trolling on Lake Vänern with fishing guide Tommy Nerstrand

"Laxfonds director" showed where the cabinet would be!

Last time when Thomas Johansson of Laxfond Vänern was in the boat, they released the salmon unlucky near the boat ... but this time it went better!

The wind was tricky to forecast miss from SMHI. 6-7 m / sec WEST were actually 10-11 m / sec SOUTHWESTER. This means minimal chances to get shelter! We decided, however, to try anyway! A McLay boats pass the lake fine anyway but the autopilot had trouble several times to stay the course ...

Öring nummer ett kom via ett djupriggspö som fiskade på ca 5 m djup!Daniel drillade hem öringen flott och vi spräckte nollan! Skönt. Magnus fick ett kort napp också som visade sig vara en gädda som beta av tacklet…

The wind increased and the lake became even messier ... When we later in the day moved us and stroked by a shallow edge, we get a super ready! Thomas grips the rod and trills! The fish took a ytspö tackled with flasher and weighted with 60 grams of lead. Fully roll howl and hard to keep the boat in the wind ... No drill went well despite the messy weather and I see that there is a neighboring trout in the water ....! Thomas receives trout in "håvläge" and then ended up fish in stitches!

- Tjohooo in the boat and the director looked as pleased as "Wizard"!

Over & Out / Tommy

Thomas neighborly Gullspång Trout!
Daniel with your first trout!