Salmon trolling on Lake Vänern with fishing guide Tommy Nerstrand

A few days left for Salmon trolling!

Who does not want to boast of self-caught salmon Christmas at home on Christmas Eve ... ?!

Salmon fishing in Vänern is not as good now as a few years ago. It should be said, but we like the "right day" you can experience the "roller howl" when a big salmon or trout bite our bait! An experience you will never forget! You fightar fish and want to everything well so it goes to the net and get home with me! Then on Christmas Eve sitting at home at Christmas and "brag" of self-caught salmon ... Christmas! - The you!

Call or email and we'll book a day off! Output Ports Sunnanå Mellerud or Tösse Pelvis / Amal.

Over & Out! / Tommy Tel. 0708-807222