Salmon trolling on Lake Vänern with fishing guide Tommy Nerstrand

When fishing guests booking the dates wizard pulling up large salmon myself ...!

I would have enjoyed fishing guests this day, but one of them was unable to fish the day was postponed ...

Wind forecast was so good (alternating 1-5 m / sec) that it was a shame not to take advantage of the day to the little fishing so I decided in the morning to take a trip yourself ...! A decision I do not regret!

At lunchtime, I came perfectly into a måsdyk and then got a good stab through a djupriggspö where it sat a bleak the rope end at about 6 m. Deep. The fish pulled away in depth and after the initial rush, I got the GoPro camera that I usually mount on deep rig boom. The fight lasted about 20 minutes and is unfortunately not in the clip. The movie clip shows just after the initial rush, and when the fish is landed!

Sport Fishing News, Björn Blomqvist noticed the catch and several online magazines which of course is extra fun!

Link to Sport Fishing News here

Days off for salmon trolling is left! Call or email and we will find one day!

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