Salmon trolling on Lake Vänern with fishing guide Tommy Nerstrand


In a month I pull off Laxtrollingen Vänern

In late October run, I started late autumn season at Lake Vänern! Then I hope that surface water has a temperature of about 10-11 degrees. It is only then that the salmon and trout start to perk up and begin hunting in the surface water.

Måsdyk with chasing fish in the area - it's autumn fishing in a nutshell! I hope we will experience this even this fall. Output Ports as usual Tösse Pelvis (south of Amal) and Sunnanå Harbor (Mellerud). From there we reach the very best locations in Vänern for fall fishing!

If you have not yet booked any day still have the chance! Call or email today.

Welcome! / Fishing guide Tommy Nerstrand

Book the autumn salmon trolling now!

November is getting fully booked but there are days left in December. Take the opportunity now before they run out!

The summer is not over as part determined to say as soon as their own holiday is over and they will start working ...! No, when many glorious days remain even with the sun and heat, but it may be time to book in autumn Salmon trolling NOW!

Output Ports for our tours are Sunnanå Mellerud or Tösse creek south of Amal. Here we choose the starting position depending on where the fishing is best at the time, or because of wind conditions. For those who can imagine to draw up a Vänerlax in another lake Vänern than we have good lakes to choose from if the wind would be too hard for Vänern!

The price is the same as last year: SEK 1900 / person.

Call or email for reservations or more information!

/ Tommy Nerstrand 0708-807222, info@dalslandfishing.com

Anders Bring fine höstlax from Vänern autumn in 2016.

Teens Bakken got a salmon that warmed the very soul a rainy November day!

Linda got a "power-trout" that offered fierce fight! Nov. , 2016.

The residence for the holidays!

Now I take time off for summer and sunny days! If you are eager to try autumn Salmon trolling in Vänern can of course call us or send us an email and we'll book your fishing. The price is 1900 SEK / person (same as during the autumn season!)

November and December are the best months! Warm overalls and heat in the cabin of the boat McLay keep the cold outside. Output Ports as usual Tösse brook or Sunnanå Hamn Mellerud.

There is also the chance to book Float tube fishing for rainbow trout or perch fishing with "little boat" in Ärtingen or Lelång.

We will post some video clips from the spring fish now and then to keep the fish lust up ...!

I wish you all a great summer with lazy days on the lake! Take advantage of the days off for Tomas Ledin sings as is "Summer Card"!

Over & Out! / Tommy

Lena from Oslo fine höstlax from "autumn 2016".

"Bulls-eye" with fine quartet trout from the autumn of 2016!

The family Farstad with both salmon and trout from the fall in 2016.

Magnus Kjörling with beautiful vänerlax captured a day with really foul weather in November, 2016.

Season finale with four trout with "ruthless" average weight of more than 6.7 kg!

Today, we ended up in the middle of a "trout-fest" where fetöringarna reveled in grotesque shoals of the Norse! Rulltjuten succeeded each other and went up into falsetto! Svante and Peo got trill as rods cracked ...!

Morgonen startade lugnt med en fisk som vi tappade vid 10-tiden… Svante drillade. Efter flera svängar förbi huggplatsen utan fler hugg så fiskade vi oss söderut. Vid lunchtid drar det på rejält i ett ytspö och Svante får en ny chans! Denna gången går det bättre! Efter en ca 20 minuters hård fight så håvar jag en öring på 7,3 kg! Strax efter ser Peo en stor fisk som hoppar bakom båten! När jag tittar upp så ser jag att fisken som hoppar sitter på ett av våra ytspön som ställer sig i båge! Nu är det Peos tur och en fin fight landar vi en öring på 5,2 kg!

Thereafter, Svante pike and shortly after Peo super trout on the spot 8 kg !!! This time in a djupriggspö! Half an hour later cuts it back and Svante pulls even a trout of 6.4 kg! Depth rigging this time. When the time is 15.45 so we just let the boat go without all the rods are in use. We summarize the day and pinch ourselves in the arm ... What a fishing! Then chop it again ...! Another big trout go aloft behind the boat and Peo fightar fish well into the boat before it wears out ... But who cares ..! There are four bright trout in the tub with the average weight of more than 6.7 kg and 8 kg on top!

Now it will be a break in trolling for me. The fall season starts in late October so it's time to book now before it becomes fully booked!

Thousand Thanks Svante & Peo and welcome back!

30 May: A nice group of German anglers on a difficult caught Vänern.

Yesterday was a difficult fishing ... It began with the starboard drive anchor line broke and the wind was about 8 m / sec to the promised 1-5 m / sec ...

But with a friendly and enthusiastic group of German angler in the boat so we had a fun day on the lake anyway! A smaller salmon håvades anyway during the afternoon otherwise it was quiet on the rods.

Many thanks to Stefan and the gang and hope to see you again on Vänern in high season!

Over & Out / Tommy

Stefan took the "bold-trout" on Vänern birthday present!

Yes, what you say when it cuts after only about 10 minutes of fishing ...! The fish released first but we keep up the wand in the air and waiting ... and then take it back! Ewa had given Stefan salmon trolling in the gift, and he gets to drill a trophy fish for half an hour before I could rake fish ...! Weight: 7.7 kg!

Yes some are floating! Ewa trilled also a nice salmon of about 58 cm we dropped back. Lennart trilled no fish this time but he had drilled many salmon before in his fiskarliv!

Great atmosphere on board all day and everyone enjoyed the sunshine, trolling and good company! That's what is sport fishing ?!

Many thanks for a great day! / Tommy

More difficult fishing in lakes with warmer water ...

For two days last week, was fishing a little more difficult, even in the lakes but we have got the salmon in the boat both days anyway!

Recent fishing, we had 15.6 degrees in the surface and then the salmon fishing a little more difficult. It is early morning fishing that apply now if you want to optimize the chances to grab!

Here we have a double stab from Thursday's fishing that resulted in a salmon and a pike!

Over & Out! / Tommy

Yesterday we looked up some reef fish!

Yes, after my last post interprets the people, things completely wrong and think that we do not get any fish ... ??? That is not the case. The problem is that the fish are harder to find when there are fewer fish in the lake! Those great days that you wish all fishing guests will experience fewer ...

Christian and Bengt-Ake was yesterday's guests and they experienced Salmon trolling in Vänern when the rollers yelling themselves hoarse ...! Yesterday was such a day when I found a "hot area" of chasing salmon and trout!

Bengt-Ake took their first fish - a trout of 59.5 cm ... went back. A little later, when we moved us a bit so we get a great stab at a djupriggspö! Christian trills home a superfine salmon of 7.5 kg! The day saved! Strasx for when we get to the same place again to get two quick blows one after the other in two ytspön! A fish released fairly quickly and the other hooks us! Bengt-Ake got a twirling over 20 minutes and the fish was impossible to get in so we had to pick up sleds and rods and head towards the fish ... In the end, I pocketed a wild salmon just below 5 kg ??? I thought the fish was at least about 10 kg of the fight ... ?!

"The last round in the bar" we made the same place again after we messed up the rods and ropes M. M .... Then chop the back of a ytspö and Christian will drill a super fish again! After a fierce fight that nets me a trout of 7.3 kg! - A good end to a good day!

Many thanks to Christian & Bengt-Ake for a nice day on the lake, and welcome back!

Over & Out / Tommy

Christian with today superfiskar!

The salmon of 7.5 kg!

Bengt-Ake warbling wild salmon!

Here we see Bengt-Ake wild salmon when he finally managed to pump up the fish towards the boat ...!

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