Salmon trolling on Lake Vänern with fishing guide Tommy Nerstrand


Fully booked in April - days left in May!

Well now the month of April booked. However, there are days left in May for those who want to "take a tussle" with Vänerlaxarna! When the sun has begun to heat beyond Vänern water surfaces and the days are getting longer!

NOTE! I have a "single site" available 13/4 as I wrote in my last post. Several have been in touch but nobody has booked yet. First come…!

Let us know if we should book a day for you and your party in May! Call or email.

Welcome! 0708-807222 or LEVEL! / Tommy N.

A single seat available Friday, April 13!

If you want to make a "single site" as is a seat available on board Friday, April 13!

If you are not superstitious, you can "Friday the Thirteenth" be your lucky day ...!

The price is 1900 SEK / person. We fish about 7 hours Salmon trolling. Food fix you and I stand for all equipment and warm flotation suit. Output port for the day will be determined later. Tösse brook or Sunnanå port depending on where the fishing is best at the moment!

Call or email!

0708-807222 or info@dalslandfishing.com

Welcome greets Fishing guide Tommy Nerstrand

1998-2018 20th ANNIVERSARY as fishing guide!

Ja i år 2018 har jag jobbat som fiskeguide i 20 år! Tiden går fort när man har kul på jobbet!

1998 I started fishing guide guests in my Cresent 465 a. Then it was mostly on the lakes in the northern Dalsland. Then I had room for a maximum of 2 fishing guests on board ...! Today, I can offer a maximum of 5 fish guests in my McLay 751 Cabin Cruiser. Developments on the equipment side has progressed but fishing luck i.e. when a guest gets a nice fish is the same regardless of boat size!

The bookings for the spring season started before Christmas and now in April almost fully booked. In May, however, there are days left! Fall season in 2017 was of course a mixed experience with a number of good fishing days but the season also gave clear indications that the Vänern unfortunately hold fewer salmon and trout than normal. The final point in the season the week before Christmas, it was very good fishing and the "old Vänern" showed his true colors by rolling howl and beautiful fish!

How the spring is we do not know but one thing is certain - there will always be some days when the fish are concentrated, and offers fine salmon trolling!

Hope it's the day you've booked your fishing!

Good continuation of 2018 and till spring!

Fishing guide Tommy Nerstrand 1998-2018

6/12 A kanonfin day on Vänern with Erik and Claes!

Wind forecasts were a bit sprawling for Wednesday but with more forecasters predicted please winds than hard, I took courage for me and invested in Vänern! What a day we had! Erik pulled autumn biggest salmon in the boat! Weight 7,1 kg!

Erik had fish of the day as a birthday present from my father Claes. A day that was great!

When fishing "is that it is" currently on Vänern will be extra happy as guide when we find an area with stab willing fish. Today's was the salmon of 7.1 kg and then a trout of 3.6 kg and stabbed inside a måsdyk! We also had two lovely baby to! The best was the middle of the day.

Erik Claes, I say welcome to spring back for new adventures.

Over & Out / Tommy

27/11 Fat trout chasing smelt in the area!

It feels great to be able to put out a good fishing report this autumn!

Had me Linus and John (Östra Silen-fishermen) and Anders from Vanersborg. These three were lucky to come out on the right day! Nice weather and no visible trout chasing smelt in the area! Two of them managed to catch. Linus took their first weighing 5.4 kg and was "smällfet" of smelt. John got his life fight and drew a trout that weighed about 7 kg and the fight lasted secure almost 25 minutes before I was able to rake the fish! We also had a pike gaped over the bleak having bitten off line as a result ...

A good day like this put in place for everything bad fall fishing!

Over & out! / Tommy

Linus with magnificent trout of 5.4 kg!

Linus fightar fish!

Johan and his dream trout of 7 kg!

Weighing ... 7 kg prick!

No fish without banana boat ...!

25/11 Severe Fished on the lakes ...

Had me vehicle designers from Volvo Cars during the Saturday of the boat!

The fishing was "hopelessly bad" and the weather was very strange with both rain and thunderstorms in the vicinity ... A salmon jumped in the morning and managed to flick bleak without fixed on the hook. That was all that happened ... Very nice discussions in the boat on both fishing and design. McLay boat was highly praised for its looks, which I appreciate! We will start afresh in the spring of this nice bunch!

For my part, there will be new start on Monday!

Over & out! / Tommy

This is what a true fisherman out! With the southwest on the head, you are ready!

20-21 / 11 Two days Vänern without approved fish ...

The first day I had Bjarne from Norway with his son in the boat. Good weather and not a stab or måsdyk until the end of the day we had two fish that are high but unfortunately we lost both of them ...

The second day was the previous guest Hans Wikstrom with guests in the boat. This day we found a måsdyk along with seven other boats ... We managed to fool a fine wild trout in måsdyket we re-exposed. Finely chopping a ytspö! Another boat had a wild salmon early in the morning in the same area or else no more catch all the boats ... When we came into the harbor came, however magician Lidberg in with a trout of 62 cm as my fishing guests got him! Much appreciated!

The fishery may be summarized as still very bad in Vänern ... baitfish missing though not as you see in the image below! "The dining table is laid" but there is no eating ...

Over & out / Tommy

17-18 / 11 Poor fishing in autumn 2017 ...

Had my Norwegian regulars in the boat for two days without a single approved salmon or trout ...

Fishing in Lake Vänern is clearly in a losing slump p.g.a for the low number of exposed smolts in the lake during the last years. Unfortunately. This has consequences for both the fishing guides with guests and all other fishing tourism linked to the salmon trolling, etc.

Anyway, it was, as usual, nice to see my regulars from Oslo in the boat even if we could not fool any salmon or trout this time. The image symbolizes our two days. Tom smiles, however, in the sunshine ... Hope to see them again in the spring ...!

Best Regards / Tommy

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