Salmon trolling on Lake Vänern with fishing guide Tommy Nerstrand


Now I do not accept any bookings for charter fishing anymore.

There are still requests for guided fishing but now the business is closed. I will soon go out and Thank all the customers over the years!

The McLay boat is for sale and is located on Blocket and several other sites in Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Norway.

Here is the ad: McLay 751 with Suzuki 300 hp and trailer for sale in Bengtsfors - Blocket

Best Regards / Tommy

Next week I will end the charter fishing on Lake Vänern.

I have told this before but it needs to be clarified. I do not accept any more bookings now for salmon fishing on Lake Vänern or in the lakes. The website will be redesigned in terms of content or to end it completely. The decision has not yet been made 100%.

Spring fishing has never before been as varied in terms of catch as this spring. One day you get several large salmon and trout and the next day you may get one or none at all! Despite the same place and the same weather !? I will post some more pictures next week and also more information about the end.

wish you all a nice weekend! / Tommy

Four landed fish today with Fredrik and Hampus from Åmål!

A little windier boat trip than the day before but luckily the winds calmed down after lunch…! Then it started chopping a little denser too!

This day we got the first trout before we had rigged out all the rods…! A rocket launch! Then followed a few hours with windy and gusty winds but no worse than it was possible to fish. After lunch the wind went down to 2-3 m / sec and then the sun started to gass a little goare! As the weather improved, fishing also improved.

We had SEX good pacifiers and landed a total of 4 fish during the day. Two fish released. Two fine trout that were allowed to come home and larger wild salmon that in both cases came loose in the net and could be released easily! Fredrik became today's wild salmon expert "and Hampus became responsible for the" food fish "!

The surface rod fished best both today and yesterday! New roof on Monday again!

Over & out! / Tommy

Hampus' first trout!
… And here comes today's second trout which was a little bigger than the island first!

Spring premiere with salmon in the boat!

Claes and Erik from Vänersborg are with us for the last time. Erik teased a nice salmon and inaugurated the spring!

The weather is a bit better at the moment and I hope to be able to drive a few trips now. Sunny and calm spring winds! Claes also got to drill a trout that we had to return back to the lake.

We drive tomorrow too!

/ Tommy

Erik with the premiere salmon!

The spring of 2021 will be the last season on Lake Vänern after 23 years of "the world's most fun job"

The autumn seasonfishing days were very few - only 3 days we came out on Lake Vänern ... The fishing on these three days was very good! All fishing guests received approved salmon or trout!All other canceled days will be moved to the spring season, which will be the last season that I run guided tours on Lake Vänern.

It is a big challenge to conduct salmon trolling on Lake Vänern with all the usual obstacles such as windy weather, slippery road conditions, difficult fishing and now Corona came as "cream of the crop" which makes it impossible to conduct the guide in a business way and have it as income. For me, the closed border with Norway is a big problem.

For me, Corona became what helped me make the decision to quit after over 23 years of career as a salmon trolling guide on Lake Vänern. So now I will try to make a nice rounding for the spring. Some regulars have heard from me and booked one last fishing experience with me this spring. Feels warm in the heart. Will miss you all and all wonderful experiences we had in the boat together!

Hold out - Keep your distance - Keep in touch with each other!

Best Fish Greetings / Tommy

Most fishing days blow away… but when we come out we get both salmon and trout!

We have only come two days so far due to the windy conditions associated with mild weather.

With these pictures we just want to show that it is possible to get both salmon and trout!

Corona mode
We get some cancellations given the new restrictions and we then move the fishing forward to the spring and hope that the situation is better then!

Take care of you all and keep your distance, I hope we are seen and heard going forward!

/ Tommy

Fully booked autumn season and some Corona rules for the season!

During the autumn from the end of October to the second week in December, it is currently fully booked. I run the guide half time with two or a maximum of three days per week.

We will also be extremely careful with the Corona rules that apply. All guests and myself MUST BE COMPLETELY HEALTHY AND WITHOUT COLD SYMPTOMS on the day of fishing.

I have also set the maximum number of participants to FOUR people in the boat. Otherwise, we hope that the autumn offers some great fishing days on Lake Vänern and the lakes in northern Dalsland / Värmland! The ports of departure that apply are just like before Sunnanå Harbor in Mellerud or Tössebäcken Harbor which is south of Åmål. (See the contact page!) When we choose the lakes, there are other starting points according to ö.k.

Best Regards / Tommy Nerstrand 0708-807222

"Bulls Eye" for Peter from Lübeck!

Two large rainbow trout of 3.7 kg and 3.3 kg respectively and a pike on the first five casts…!

Then there was a cross stop in the fishing… but it was enough for Peter to be happy!

Bookings for November are almost full now! In December, however, there are free days left for Salmon Trolling on Lake Vänern!

Regards / Tommy 0708-807222

3.7 kg rainbow trout!
Beautifully drawn!
A little "tip" from a satisfied customer is not wrong…!

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