Salmon trolling on Lake Vänern with fishing guide Tommy Nerstrand


We hope to be able to carry out the autumn guided tours and that the Corona situation is better!

Some of the spring's canceled bookings on Lake Vänern were postponed to the autumn season instead, which we hope to be able to carry out according to plan!

There are free days left from mid-November onwards. If you are eager to try the trolling fishing for salmon and trout, it's time to book now!

At the beginning of November, two of our regular customers will come from Switzerland! Herrman and Alfred Beyeler. Then we usually alternate fishing for rainbow trout and some day with salmon trolling on Lake Vänern or on Västra Silen. All depending on the weather and wind!

These gentlemen "feel at home" in Bengtsfors after being here many times now! This is important when we work with our guests. -They should feel at home here in Bengtsfors and Dalsland!

Now we are keeping our fingers crossed that the Corona situation will not get worse and that people will respect the rules we have to abide by!

Over & Out! / Tommy

Gentleman with neighbor rainbow trout

Perch fishing on Lake Vänern

Fight for big trout at Hinden's reef!

Alfred with tiptop rainbow trout!

Nice perch fishing the other day!

Had father & son in the boat the other day on a round after perch! Wind and weather were better than yr.no predicted and we got some nice perch!

They rented a cottage near Upperud and were satisfied with their Dalsland stay.

Here is August with a couple of today's bathers! Almost 9 hg was the biggest of the day! They had also caught a couple of nice perch down at Köpmannebro and some pike as well.

Over & out! / Tommy

Book a fun fishing for perch or rainbow trout!

Now that there is a summer break on Laxtrolling Vänern, we want to recommend two other fun fish!

Jig perch in the "home lake" or fishing for rainbow trout in float!

The perch fishing is run in a smaller control console and it is a maximum of 3 fishing guests + guide that applies. IF the weather is completely calm, it can also go with two adults + two smaller children. We fish for about 3 hours around the lake's rice vases. About 7-8 places. Price: 3500 kr. Fishing license included.

The fishing for rainbow trout is a maximum of 5 hours. Simpler grilled lunch + coffee included. Great chance to get big rainbow trout around 3-4 kg! Price: 1-4 pers 6000 kr.

Get in touch and we will choose the day according to how the weather and fishing are at the moment! Welcome! Tommy Tel. 0708-807222 or email: info (at) dalslandfishing.com

Perch at just over 9 hg!

Nice perch of about 7 hg!

Fine rainbow trout

Simpler grilled lunch is served at "half time"!

This is how happy you get when you have a rainbow trout on the hook!

All spring booked salmon trolling days were canceled p.g.a. covid-19.

Only a few private test fishing days have been made on the lake in the spring with both fantastic fishing and worse. Some movie clips are saved which will be published here!

During the summer, no salmon trolling trips will be run. What is the focus now is bookings for this autumn's LAXTROLLING on Lake Vänern and in the lakes! Some of the spring bookings were advanced in the fall, so some days are already logged into the calendar. It may therefore be a good idea to inquire now to book your salmon fishing in the fall!

What we offer before the fall is rainbow trout from floating or ABBORREFISKE in the "home lake" just outside Bengtsfors.

Perch fishing is done from a smaller pilot pulpit boat so max 2 adults or "smaller family" works!

Below are some pictures from lovely days this spring! Both from Lake Vänern and our fine lakes in Dalsland - Värmland.

Call or email us with inquiries and reservations! I'll be guiding Monday - Friday. Tel 0046 (0) 708807222 or via our form!

Welcome! / Tommy

Magical fishing on Lake Vänern!

Wonderful wildlife from our lakes ...!

My wife with fantastic trout from Lake Vänern!

On our way out to one of our fine lakes!

The entire month of April Salmon trolling on Lake Vänern is canceled p.g.a. pandemic COVID-19.

The cancellations from Norwegian fishing guests and other foreign guests have come as a natural phenomenon as the borders of the country are closed. In order to minimize the risk of infection, I have also moved forward the Swedish bookings for the fall season Oct-Dec.

In terms of fishing, there is no difference between spring and autumn. However, the fall season is often shorter and more intense! I hope and believe that we have a more stable position around COVID-19 when the autumn comes and that we can live a normal life again ...!

However, there is a chance to experience a fun sport fishing for rainbow trout!In flight or from land - You choose! It is a “Corona-safe” fishing that is 100% outdoor and with safe distances between participants, etc… See more info here!

Sport fishing for combatable rainbow trout is both fun and “Corona safe”…!

A few weeks fully booked but still are days off in the best season!

Right now, the bookings and inquiries almost every day. It is probably because we have a mild winter and people have already started to think about spring and brighter future ...!

Week 16, 19 and 21 are already fully booked but there are plenty of days off so far the best season. Spring is the time when the weather varies from the most days with snow to sunny warm days with sunshine and calm weather ...!

Please contact me by e-mail or call at 0708-807222 and we will find the right day / days that suit! Over & out! / Tommy

A satisfied guest with fish vårfångad salmon from Lake Vänern!
Sometimes Vänern is like a mirror ...
The exit from Sunnanå past boathouses. A day to look forward to!
Nice trout!
Trout from early spring!

Time to book spring salmon fishing on Lake Vänern!

The winter is mild ... so far anyway! We still expect to start the spring season like previous years. That is end of March or beginning of April.

As fishing was the last time so many indications that it will be caught large salmon and trout this Spring! Maybe it will be you who gets it there baddarelaxen at around 10 kg, or perhaps one of Vänern large trout that just draws a lot of line on the reel a roar ready!

Call or email! 0708-807222 or info (at) dalslandfishing.com

Over & Out! / Tommy

Michael from Switzerland was one of the many guests who attended last spring and got to enjoy the good fishing in beautiful spring days on the Vänern!

Merry Christmas to all our customers and friends!

All autumn bookings are now complete! The latest now on Friday with good fishing!

Today both guests kept their Christmas salmon as well as several feeding and a short salmon and pike.

Now we take the dinghy Constantly! Possibly we go any luck in the day or in the new year. Weather decide!

Over & out! / Tommy 0708-807222

Good fishing yesterday at Vänern and rescue operation of a trollare in need of stalling ...

Regulars and Erik Claes from Vanersborg yesterday got to experience a "actiondag" Vänern in two ways ...

Fishing gave many blows that day but unfortunately it was several fish dropped on the road toward the boat ... When the day was over, we could count two approved fish a salmon and trout, as well as a beautiful wild trout on nearly 6 kg! We were also too short and some time between 11 and 13 was full "action" in the boat!

When the clock was approaching 14, so we had to call on the radio of a trollare that had been stalling a bit south of us. We got an approximate position and he would try to fix the problem yourself. After a while we hear that the problem persists and the wind was coming up ... The forecast for the day sued perfect. The wind would increase significantly in the South.

We made the decision to start picking up the stuff and being prepared to rescue the magician. A good decision! When we picked up the stuff in the counter sea we hear that the troller pushes towards a base area with a lot of stones and foundation ... We put full speed in the counter lake down to the position and find the troll driving on the road towards stones and foundation within the 2 meter curve. I got to drive the boat and my guest Claes had to act as a sailor and receive the tamp from the troll. Then we were able to pull him towards a fairway and in shelter for Hjorten's headland. A lovely feeling appeared!

There, protected from the wind, he could make solid in a landmark because a friend would pick him up there. Something we had confirmed a little later.

Over & out! / Tommy 0708-807222

Claes with salmon!
In the port of nice fish!
Magician filmed a bit of salvation. The quality is so-so but that time is not the most important ...