Salmon trolling on Lake Vänern with fishing guide Tommy Nerstrand


Sunshine Weather on spring's first guided tour!

We got a dream start when a salmon bite in the morning when we tackle the second spot!

A little later, it became a FET pike ....!

Then there was a halt in fishing ... We enjoyed the sun, ate good food and had a nice time on board anyway!

At the end of the day we got a nice trout which unfortunately was a little too short to keep!

Thanks to Petter Larsson and to ÅF Amal for a nice day in the sun!

Over & out

The maiden completed with trout of 7.4 kg!


A half-day test fishing successfully!

The day started with stab at 10th spot was in the lake! A nice fish released after about 2-3 min fight ... The same was unfortunately with stab No. 2 and 3 also ...

Today's fourth stab went better! Then I could lift this nice trout of 7.4 kg! After attempting to take pictures with the self-timer with the phone, so I went home ...!

Unfortunately little fuzzy picture, but we have to make do with this. All equipment in the boat worked well and I was charged the next day guided tour to the colleague!

Over & Out

Vacant days fishing on Lake Vänern soon be in short supply ...!


The last two weeks of sunshine weather has been "fired on" booking mode greatly!

Now it is getting scarce days left to choose from! There are still days left but some weeks are now fully booked.

I thought a long time that spring would be "premature" but it's pretty cold weather (cold nights) makes water the temperature has not risen significantly. Therefore, it is much to suggest that the spring season is quite normal anyway! Right now the temperature around 2 degrees of surface ...

Call or email us! We will do our best to get a suitable day and for you to experience a high-class salmon fishing!

Over & Out
Tommy Nerstrand
0531-10018, 0708 807222

High time to book into spring fishing on Lake Vänern!


Spring sun and brighter days reminds us of spring's lovely salmon fishing is going on!

As soon as the spring sun comes up, you notice an increased interest in the book Salmon-trolling on Lake Vänern! Today e.g. so have bookings come via both email and telephone.

We will not launch the spring season yet seriously until we see that the weather is stable and that spring has come to stay. Occasionally turn it may be ...!

Call us or send an inquiry via our form we decide a day (or two!)

Over & out!

Tommy Nerstrand
0046 (0)531 10018
0046 (0)708 807222

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roller howl

In conjunction with the new website is also needed last link / RSS feed is updated to blogs and websites.

Nowadays it is only the URL; http://www.dalslandfishing.com to be set. Then everything should work!

The RSS-link for the english version are: http://www.dalslandfishing.com/?page_id=92&lang=en

(German and Finnish versions will come when the translations are absolutely ready!)

Tajt Lines – Over & Out!

It´s time to book Salmon trolling on Lake Vänern!

A mild and sunny day like this, you become reminded that Trolling season on Lake Vänern is not so far away!


Beautiful and combative salmon and trout ... often in sunshine weather on Vänern's water expanses. We will disembark "rödmosiga" in the face and the spring sun has done its job. A lovely time waiting!

Have you booked a day in spring for Salmon trolling ?! If not then it is time to look in the calendar, contact fishing buddies and determine an appropriate date. Vårbokningar have started to come in since a while back but we have plenty of days left ... so far! Please email or call us! You can also use our simple contact form!

Fishing Regards!

Tommy Nerstrand
0046 (0)708807222

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/ Tommy N.

"Beta" on the new dalslandfishing.com!

I have for some time been working out a new website for Dalsland Fishing. The former worked very well but needed a "facelift".


The reason that the change of site is now several.

Everything does not work perfectly yet. The page will get more features soon. Do you wish for content? Something that you miss on the new site, please write an email!

Fishing Regards!

Tommy Nerstrand
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