Salmon trolling on Lake Vänern with fishing guide Tommy Nerstrand

Suddenly, the salmon there!

Today was the father and son Edward & Jocke from Gävle in the boat. I have to admit I busted out with "moderate" optimism after last spring to say the least moody fishing ...! But in the afternoon, then turn the wind from north to west, and then suddenly it is salmons in the boat ... and Slash!

Five fish in the boat which 3 approved salmon plus two missed fish ...! Everything happened between the hours of 14 and 17 when the wind turned west!

When I went from Tösse Pelvic so adjusted Jocke & Edvard fish and then isades fish down in a box. A serious and good way to transport fish all the way to Gävle!

Many thanks for today and I hope to see you back in the boat on new adventures!

Over & out!