Salmon trolling on Lake Vänern with fishing guide Tommy Nerstrand

This season's best fishing day with three "Karl Forest snowmobiles"!

Today we got five approved salmonids - 3 salmon and trout two! Four of the fish were between 6-7 kg !!! A few big pike on 5 and 7 kg also came up. In addition to this we had several fish on that we lost ...! Frederick, Mark and Emil from Karlskoga had a day full of "action and spöböj"! During two hectic hours in the middle of the day I was busy with tackling the bleak and rig the rods ... and no time for either coffee or sandwich ...!

Today's finale came when I thought today's grab-rush was over. Suddenly it says "swisch" in a djupriggspö and ruller shout! A delightfully chipper which Frederick takes care of and that will be the day's second superfight in about 25-30 minutes before I can rake a nice salmon of 6.7 kg! This fish we were never in the picture due to bad light ...!

Fishing has in recent days been fishing in the super class ... I hope I can deliver more days like this before the winter comes.

Over & out! / Tommy

Four of today's salmonids and a sjukilos pike. Today's fifth salmon drug Fredrik after this picture was taken!

Double Dig!

Emils baddare-lax på ca 6.9 - 7 kg!

Markus trout of about 6.5 kg!

Another "fetöring" Emil got!

Fredrik with your first salmon!

DOUBLE CUT! Two bright trout stabbed while Emil o Mark!