Salmon trolling on Lake Vänern with fishing guide Tommy Nerstrand

Last trolling tour on Vänern before the winter break ... ?!

Winter, ice, cold strain on both the equipment and the "guide" but when it comes the odd mild day with calm winds, you get the opportunity ...!

The decision was taken late Friday night. There will be one last trip to Sunnanå! Storlaxarnas capital! A little shame that the fog was difficult for all the boats were crowded on the hottest spots at the risk of running into each other paravanlinor ...

Here are some videos that I got up in the fog. Amateur Filmed but with a GoPro deep rig boom so it is possible to reflect a few moments!

Spring bookings have started to get into the lot! Especially now when all the big salmon caught and the big salmon that I myself did last weekend of 11.42 kg!
Get in touch with the proposed date if you are interested. April and May are usually the peak season! Over & Out! / Tommy

Today's largest fish was the salmon of 7.95 kg which was one of two fish in a "double grab" ...!