Salmon trolling on Lake Vänern with fishing guide Tommy Nerstrand

Salmon trolling lake Vänern

This is our specialty and the greatest demand from our guests. A spectacular fishing with fierce fighter on the rods!

We fish in a superbly equipped trolling for large salmon and trout. Vänern is Sweden's largest lake and the third largest in Europe.

Best months are; April, May, June and October, November and December. But ... the last two summers have delivered surprisingly good fishing on the occasions we have been out!

Pris: 2100 SEK / personMax 5 pers. At least 3 paying guests or 6300 SEK for the "full boat". (4 guests = 8400 kr etc ...) More info Booking & Prices.

Included in price: Full day about 7 hours of fishing. Warm flotation suits or flotation collars, depending on weather. All fishing and safety equipment on board. The fish caught is of course yours too! You just need to bring "a good mood", some food and appropriate clothing.

Heating and comfort on board!
There is no risk of freezing in our boat! We have heat in the cabin and warm floating overalls.

Major challenge!
Laxtrollingen Vänern is always a big "challenge" for both skipper and guests ...! Patience and persistence are usually rewarded in the long run!

Who takes the first strike ?!
Most often makes our guests a turn on "who should, first and second blow, etc". When it cuts, we try to "coach" you so you get the fish! When a strong fish chop the fish can run away with 50-80 meters of line in the first rush ...!

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Time for netting! Photo: Peter Grahn

One of our regulars Ann-Christin from Norway with a nice salmon!

A salmon strike is the beginning of an adventure! Photo: Peter Grahn